Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm Entering My First Nail Art Contest!


This is my contest entry for Kelsie's Nail Files 1 Year Blogiversary Nail Art Contest. The link to the contest can be found here. The contest is actually ending in 12 hours, so if you want to enter hurry up! For this nail art contest you had to create a manicure inspired by something on her Nail Inspiration pinterest board. I actually created two manicures for this but I didn't like the way the first one came out, so this is my second attempt.

 This is a really fun, geometric skittles manicure! To create this I painted a base of Pure Ice "Super Star!" on my thumb, ring, and pinky. Then I painted my index and middle finger with Nailtini "Espresso". On my index finger I used white acrylic paint to outline the geometric shapes then went over it with blue, yellow, red, and gray acrylic paint. On my middle finger, I used white acrylic paint to draw the triangles.

On my ring finger I mixed each color using acrylic paints and a striper to create the intersecting lines. On my pinky I made vertical stripes with acrylic paints then went over it with triangular shapes. I top coated everything with Out The Door. My favorite nail is my ring finger. I don't know why.

This is the picture I got my inspiration from. :)


  1. Love this! I love how your index and pinky turned out - they were my favs!

    1. Thank you! Too bad no one got to see them. :(