Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Mardi Gras!

Hey guys!

Oops, I was going to post this yesterday but I forgot so happy late Mardi Gras! For this holiday I created this simple look.

I started all my nails off with two coats of Pure Ice "Super Star!". On my thumb and pink I created a gradient with LA Colors "Yellow", China Glaze "Holly-Day", and Simple Pleasures "Are You Grap-ful?" Are You Grape-ful looks more blue here buts it's more purplely in real life. On my index and middle finger I dry marbled with the same three colors using a toothpick.

On my ring finger I started off by lightly sponging Yellow, Holly-Day and Are You Grape-ful randomly as a background. When that dried I used white acrylic paint to outline the shape of the mask and feathers. After that I filled it in using Pure Ice "Unzip Me" for the mask, black acrylic paint for the outlines and eye holes, and LA Colors "Bright Green" for the feather. Top coated with Out The Door and done!

I'll have a Valentine's day post up tomorrow. I don't post that much Valentine's day stuff because I'm forever alone, but I do like doing holiday manis.

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