Thursday, January 31, 2013

e.l.f Glam Bam Nail Polish Set

Hello everybody!

Today I had the other elf trio set. You can find the first one here.

This set contains a glitter topper and two shimmer polishes. It's the same as the other set where the the bottles are half the size of a normal bottle. Everything is top coated with Out The Door.

First up is Blush. Blush a sheer, shimmery, nude, copper shade. I think it would be a better color on someone with a paler skin tone. I'm Asian so I have pretty tan skin. This is three coats.

Next, we have Cranberry. Cranberry is gorgeous. You can probably tell that I love the dark wine colored polishes. Cranberry is a beautiful, shimmery, redish, wine. This is two coats.

Finally we have Golden Goddess. This is a gold glitter topper with silver holographic hex glitters. I used one coat on my index and middle finger and 4 coats on my ring and pinky finger. The sliver hexes were a bit spare so I had to place them a bit.

Blurry picture to show off the holographic effect. It's not a very strong holo.

This is Golden Goddess over Blush, one coat on the index and middle, two coats on the ring and pinky.

This is Golden Goddess over Cranberry. I put it on the same way as Blush.

To be honest I only bought this set because of Golden Goddess. But Cranberry turned out to be my favorite of this set! Overall I really liked this collection. The formulas on these were significantly better than the vacation trio. Maybe I got a bad pack? These would be great gifts for friends! And they're also really cheap. I got both for $2.99 at Marshall's.

Monday, January 28, 2013

e.l.f. Vacation Trio Nail Polish Set

Hey guys!

So I figured since my nails are all messed up and weird I would give you guys some swatches. My nails don't have to be perfect for swatches do they? Yes? No? So I recently got two e.l.f trio sets and this is the first one. I'll have the second one up tomorrow.

There are three polishes (obviously) in each set. Each bottle is half the size of a normal bottle. There are three cremes in this set. For these swatches, I top coated everything with Out The Door.

First one is Lilac. Lilac is a nice... lilac color. The formula on this one was streaky and thick. It smoothed out with top coat though. This is three coats.

This is Punk Purple. Punk Purple is a maroonish purple color. I think this one was the best formula wise. This is two coats.

Lastly we have Mint Cream. It's a mint color that tends to lean more to a light teal than mint in certain lighting. Formula wise it was horrible. It was streaky and thick like Lilac. It took four coats to smooth it out and you can still see streaks in it. It's a shame because I really love the color.

Overall I like the colors but the formulas aren't the best. Oh wells, they'll make a nice addition to my slowly growing collection.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Melted Crayons

 Hey everybody!

Heads up, today's posts pictures are not very good. They're blurry and just not good quality at all.I was early in the morning and I had to leave to go to midterms and I have a tendency to pick at my nails (Don't do that, it's very bad for your nails) so I wanted to take a picture of them before I left. I'll probably end up redoing them just cause I don't have a good picture of them and I don't think I did my best job on these. Also you can see where my nail broke on my ring finger. :(


 Today's manicure was inspired by this melted crayon art. I really like how they incorporated the cut out silhouettes of people into the artwork.

 I started with a base of Pure Ice "Super Star!" on all of my nails and created the gradient using a sponge on my index, middle, and pinky fingers with Super Star! and China Glaze "Holly-Day" I used a small dotting tool on my ring finger and thumb to create the melted "crayons" with Simple Pleasures "You're Lime-ing", LA Colors "Bright Green", and Holly-Day. I also mixed some of those colors together to create the drips. Then I took a striper and black acrylic paint and I painted the silhouette of the girl on the swing. I top coated everything with Out The Door. (Yay! I finally got a new topcoat!)


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sorry x 100

I'm such a horrible person! I haven't posted in a month! I've been studying like mad for midterms and stuff and I just haven't had time to do any nail art. Also my nail broke :( so I just ended up filing all my nails down really short, so my nails weren't in any shape for nail art.
So I will have a post up shortly after I get my act together.
Meanwhile enjoy this gif of a penguin