Thursday, January 24, 2013

Melted Crayons

 Hey everybody!

Heads up, today's posts pictures are not very good. They're blurry and just not good quality at all.I was early in the morning and I had to leave to go to midterms and I have a tendency to pick at my nails (Don't do that, it's very bad for your nails) so I wanted to take a picture of them before I left. I'll probably end up redoing them just cause I don't have a good picture of them and I don't think I did my best job on these. Also you can see where my nail broke on my ring finger. :(


 Today's manicure was inspired by this melted crayon art. I really like how they incorporated the cut out silhouettes of people into the artwork.

 I started with a base of Pure Ice "Super Star!" on all of my nails and created the gradient using a sponge on my index, middle, and pinky fingers with Super Star! and China Glaze "Holly-Day" I used a small dotting tool on my ring finger and thumb to create the melted "crayons" with Simple Pleasures "You're Lime-ing", LA Colors "Bright Green", and Holly-Day. I also mixed some of those colors together to create the drips. Then I took a striper and black acrylic paint and I painted the silhouette of the girl on the swing. I top coated everything with Out The Door. (Yay! I finally got a new topcoat!)


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