Thursday, January 31, 2013

e.l.f Glam Bam Nail Polish Set

Hello everybody!

Today I had the other elf trio set. You can find the first one here.

This set contains a glitter topper and two shimmer polishes. It's the same as the other set where the the bottles are half the size of a normal bottle. Everything is top coated with Out The Door.

First up is Blush. Blush a sheer, shimmery, nude, copper shade. I think it would be a better color on someone with a paler skin tone. I'm Asian so I have pretty tan skin. This is three coats.

Next, we have Cranberry. Cranberry is gorgeous. You can probably tell that I love the dark wine colored polishes. Cranberry is a beautiful, shimmery, redish, wine. This is two coats.

Finally we have Golden Goddess. This is a gold glitter topper with silver holographic hex glitters. I used one coat on my index and middle finger and 4 coats on my ring and pinky finger. The sliver hexes were a bit spare so I had to place them a bit.

Blurry picture to show off the holographic effect. It's not a very strong holo.

This is Golden Goddess over Blush, one coat on the index and middle, two coats on the ring and pinky.

This is Golden Goddess over Cranberry. I put it on the same way as Blush.

To be honest I only bought this set because of Golden Goddess. But Cranberry turned out to be my favorite of this set! Overall I really liked this collection. The formulas on these were significantly better than the vacation trio. Maybe I got a bad pack? These would be great gifts for friends! And they're also really cheap. I got both for $2.99 at Marshall's.

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