Thursday, March 14, 2013

Red Nose Day

 Hey everyone!

I know I'm such a horrible person. I haven't updated in weeks. Yes, my camera is still broken. The pictures today are from a little while ago but I'm posting them today because they were inspired by Red Nose Day which is TOMORROW(or today depending on where you live...)! Oh, and please excuse my cuticles, they're just in really bad conditions...

 Let me explain Red Nose Day a little. Red Nose Day is a fundraiser in the UK that helps support people living in severe poverty in Africa and gives shelter to young people living on the streets in the UK. It really is a wonderful cause. They get a load of UK celebrities, like Jessie J, and they all promote Red Nose Day by doing challenges.

My nails symbolize, from thumb to pinky, the logo, the Union Jack, Text "Yes" to 70005 (you can donate £5 by texting that), a red nose, and just some random dots.

  Okay, now back to nails. I started off with a base of Pure Ice "Super Star!" on my thumb, middle finger and pinky. On my index finger I used one coat of Nailtini "Navy Grog" and my ring finger has 2 coats of The Color Workshop "Cherry Red Lamborghini" I free handed all of the detailing with acrylic paint except the polka dots on my pinky. I used a dotting tool and CRL to make those. I top coated everything with Out The Door (which is still smudging my nails by the way)

This really is an amazing cause. You can get involved or find out more here.