Friday, December 7, 2012

Unnamed Polishes- NAMED!

Kay, so you know how I have a ton of unnamed polishes? Well, I've now named all of them! Yay! So I'm not gonna ramble so let's get to it!

 First up is Simple Pleasures "Con-fushia Say" It's a bright purpley fushia color as said in the name.

Next is Simple Pleasures "Lucky New Year" LNY is a cool toned red.

This is a true candy/barbie pink  so I obviously had to name it "Barbie Girl"

A bright neon green landed it's name as "You're Lime-ing"

A dark almost indigo purple (BTW did you know that apparently they removed indigo from the rainbow? So now instead of ROY G BIV it's ROY G BV) It's name is "Are You Grape-ful?"

Next we have "Peach Perfect" It's a nice peach/coral color. The name was supposed to be like a spoof off of the movie Pitch Perfect.

This one is called "Too Blue For School" Yeah I know unoriginal. That's the last of the Simple Pleasures nail polishes. I still have 4 other unnamed polishes left though.

I named this one "Cherry Red Lamborghini" because in on of my favorite books the family has a cherry red Lamborghini and this is the color I imagined the car to be.

This one's called "Penny Perfect" It looks like a brand new shiny penny.

A pretty sheer shimmery pink. It's name is "Rose Satin"

Finally we have "Stop Your Wine-ing" I love this polish. It's a dark wine color with maroon shimmer that's absolutely gorgeous.

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