Monday, October 15, 2012


Hello :)
K so I'm new to this whole blogging thing so I'm just gonna keep this short and to the point. So my name is Linda and I've done some basic nail art and hopefully I'll get better as this blog continues to grow. I had already been following a couple of different nail blogs and I think it's so cool how people can do such complex designs on such a small surface..... I don't think I'll use this blog just for nail polish stuff. I'll probably end up ranting on this and maybe posting some other random stuff too. Also I'm broke so I don't have any real nice "professional" nail polish. Most of mine is really cheap stuff like Pure Ice ($2 at Walmart) and Wet n Wild (1$-4$ at Walmart, see a trend?)

And I'm being lazy and I don't know what else to say....
Hopefully I'll actually get some people to read this instead of me talking to nobody like a loser....
Thanks for reading and enjoy :)

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